Google Trends is, as most of you know, a simple tool that shows hour-by-hour what is being searched on the Internet. It is a versatile and innovative tool that has proven extremely useful for news agencies, Internet users and Webmasters. It is a great tool for smaller Webmasters who want to increase their blog’s traffic.

You could probably classify me as one those small Webmasters. I also keep an eye on Google trends. From studying this amazing service, I learned that the majority of Internet users only care about these three things.

1. 2. Nudity Criminality and serial killers
3. Celebrities, celebrities and many more

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has fallen in love with the celebrity culture obsession. This niche topic is attracting a lot of traffic to Google. Millions may search for one celebrity every hour. Traffic that far exceeds other news topics. The mass appeal of celebrity news scandals and celebrity gossip is astounding and often shows itself on an enormous scale.

It has become a popular trend for bloggers and Webmasters to use Google trends in their blog posts. I have to admit, I am one of these Webmasters. Here’s an example of how it can work. It was announced that Rachel Ray, the TV chef, had taken a risky photo shoot for FHM at 1:00 PM. This was the news I got at 1:05 pm. This topic was not something I expected to write a blog post. It turned out to be a mistake. Later that day, I checked my website stat counter and saw that Google had sent 60,000 unique visitors to my blog.

World news is hard to imagine how such a large increase in traffic can be achieved without much effort in search engine optimization. It seems like it is a matter of competition. The next few minutes after the celebrity scandal breaks, it is covered on Google trends. There is very little competition for the unique keywords that represent the scandal. This formula works consistently for me and other Webmasters. Some even admit to following Google trends on their blogs. Limiting oneself to Google trends would be a restrictive move, which I wouldn’t recommend.