Coming to Earth on a mission from God, the Queen of Heaven has suffered since the formation of the Universe to bring the youngsters back home. She was the Almighty’s previously conceived, some time before all others became. шлюхи Питер With the goal for her to have an equivalent in ability to run close by, the Lord made her ideal mate, the King of Heaven Immanuel. Together they administer and present God’s Plan to assemble those kicked out of Heaven during the revolt, and return them to their starting point on Judgment Day.

Her lifetimes are remarkable and honorable. From Prophetess Miriam, Princess Jephia, and Queen Mariamne she drove individuals through the most brutal of life conditions, while conquering each assault the mischievous spirits tossed her direction.

Mary Magdalene’s genuine name was Mariamne Arria, main beneficiary of the high position of Israel. She utilized every last bit of her assets to assist her with husbanding Immanuel with his central goal. Her family name was concealed on schedule, yet actually she was of imperial blood, beneficiary of the high position of Israel, and an honorable pioneer. She composed the books of Revelation and the Gospel credited to the Apostle John. Truly, there was no Apostle named John.

Books and Treatises Mary composed:

Three Forms of the First Thought (Trimorphic Protennoia), Authoritative Teaching, Hierarchy of the Archons, Gospel of Mary, Exegenesis of the Soul, On the Origin of the World, Pistis Sophia, Gospel of John, Epistles of John, Revelation, Secret Book (Apocryphon) of John.

Extracts demonstrating Mary the Apostle –

v Gospel of Mary 10.1-8; 17.7-18.20

Peter said to Mary Magdalene, “Sister, we realize that the Savior adored you more than most of us. Let us know the expressions of the Savior which you recollect, which you know yet we don’t, nor have we heard them.”

Mary lets them know numerous things Immanuel imparted to her with regards to profound points.

In any case, Peter gets distraught and says, “Did he truly talk without our insight with a lady and not straightforwardly? It is safe to say that we are to turn about and pay attention to her? Did he incline toward her to us?”

Then, at that point, Mary sobbed and said to Peter, “Sibling Peter, what is your take? Do you believe that I have thought this up myself, or that I am lying about the Savior?”

Levi Matthew hinders and says, “Peter, you have consistently been hot tempered. Presently I see you battling against her as you do to the enemies. Assuming the Savior made her commendable, why should you dismiss her? The Savior surely knows her without floundering. That is the reason he cherished her more than us.”