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January 16, 2022

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Athletic Shoes That I Recommend

There are too many shoes to keep track of this year but these are a few that I suggest you consider. I will mention a few shoes that I believe you will all like and that are extremely comfortable when wearing. Some of these shoes are from Nike and others from Adidas. These will also not be outrageously expensive, most expensive being around $200. I have owned all of these shoes and can personally tell you that they are all quality shoes and well worth their value. First, I will begin with my favorite pair so far and they are the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit. These shoes as I mentioned in the other post, are the most comfortable shoes of my collection so far. They have air bubbles on the bottom that makes it feel like you are running on clouds. The rubber outsole on the heel help with durability and add for comfort as well. They simply feel like you are bouncing when you are running. The Flyknit material makes them lightweight and feel like you are in your socks while running. There are many color ways, I opted for the all black ones, and they are also available […] read more
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Hijab For Women in the Gaza Strip is Being Encouraged by Hamas

Hijab for women is an Islamic traditional wear. The word in Arabic means curtain. A meta-physical definition of ‘al-hijab’ says that it is a veil which separates man from God. It is a veil that is worn over the head by a woman. It has been very popular in Islamic tradition since 1970s. However, each person has his or her own take on how the garment should be worn. HIJAB Muslim women are supposed to wear full body covering cloaks like the Abaya and the Jilbab, which supposedly will prevent them from harm. To complete this traditional wear they are also supposed to wear a hijab in front of any man who they could theoretically marry. Hence, it is not necessary for whom to wear these in front of their fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, or children. It is a sign of Islamic modesty. Old women generally do not wear them as it is considered that they have crossed the age of marriage. Still they are not supposed to display their beauty. Hamas, the ruler of the Gaza Strip, has encouraged women to wear hijabs. It is the first step towards implementing Islamic law in Gaza. Hence, we see that these […] read more
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