Do you need to create packaging for a new product, or alter the packaging that you have for your existing product? Making the perfect packaging design will require a considerable amount of effort, time, and money.produktion af emballage However, it will pay off with increased sales and lower costs for shipping and production. If you’re creating the packaging your self or working with an on-staff designer or working with a design firm it is essential to gather the necessary information to begin the process and continue to move without a hitch.

– Know how much you can spend for design and for printing/fabrication. Let the designer know your budget in the initial meeting you have regarding your packaging design. A skilled designer knows the need to work within your budget and is comfortable speaking openly about finances.

Make sure that you have proper samples for reference. They should include products that will be included in the packaging, as well as the packaging samples from any prior packaging or packaging materials that the new packaging will be using. (If you’re working in a remote location and the designer isn’t able to find an example of these items locally, determine if you’ll send samples to them for free or if your cost of the design allows for the shipping costs.) The ability to view your product or packaging on the internet isn’t enough. This can cause confusion in the future.

You must specify who your competition is. What other products are competing with yours to attract customers’ attention and money? Designers may conduct some of their own research but they need your input. While researching the designer might discover new ideas that may surprise you.

It is important to know the variety of types of product or line the design includes. Does the design have to be applied to all of your SKUs in order to maintain branding consistency? Does it have to be a specific modification that only affects a portion of your line of products, such as a holiday-themed special event?

Make clear any specific specifications that the packaging has to be equipped with. For example is it required to accommodate more than normal handling, extremely extreme temperatures, or a lot of moisture? If labels are needed, be specific regarding the surface that they will be put on. Think about all the ways in the which your product will be shipped, stored, and displayed.

– Discuss what the item will look like when it is placed in the packaging. The packaging components must work in conjunction with the machinery and techniques you’ll use to minimize waste and keep the line running at its peak. If labels are needed, how can they be placed on the container using machines, or manually in small batches?

If you are planning to make use of recycled or sustainably produced paper stock, adhesives containers, printing inks or any other material, you must be aware of this at the beginning. Switching to other products once the project has been going on could affect the price or even require a change in vendor. If you’re making claims regarding your product or company that they’re “green” be aware of the words you’re legally allowed to utilize.

If it’s not evident from the examples of the product or packaging, list the dimensions (length width, height and length (in English or in metric units) that the final packaging must have.

Decide how many of each element of your packaging you will need to be printed or manufactured. Be sure you understand if the designer’s fee includes the cost of getting quotes, coordinating with all vendors, and printing/fabricating. In the event that you are already in working relationship with a supplier you would like to work with and you want to discuss it with your designer.

Determine when you need to be able to have your printed packaging or labels in your possession. If your packaging needs to be completed in time for an exhibition or occasion, keep this in your thoughts. Give yourself additional time for the process than what you think you’ll require. Designers generally require at minimum 10-15 working days to prepare their first drafts that you can review. If the packaging is greater than a simple label, it’ll be costly, difficult or impossible to accelerate the fabrication or printing process of your design.