You may need the services of several businesses if you are planning to live in Manchester, or even plan on visiting there soon. Manchester Business Directory can help you find them. Here are 10 types you might be able to find.

1. Manchester Plumbers: Pipe problems at your home or business can lead to serious consequences if they are not fixed quickly. To find reliable local plumbers, use a directory.

2. Manchester Electricians: It is a similar story when it comes to electrical problems. Sometimes it can be hard to find trustworthy, affordable professionals. A directory can help.

3. Manchester Florists: Send flowers to your friend, mom or girlfriend. Find a local florist to send flowers to your friend, mom or girlfriend.

4. Manchester Hairdressers: Sometimes, a little bit of change can make all the difference. Before booking an appointment, make sure to read customer reviews.

5. Manchester Driving Schools – When you begin learning to drive, it’s hard not to want to pass your test. Driving school can make it easier.

6. Manchester Builders: If you are looking for builders or contractors, you will need to find a few professionals in your local area to compare and get estimates.

7. Manchester Gardeners: If you have problems keeping your garden in good shape or want to have it re-landscaped by professionals, you might consider Manchester Gardeners.

8. Manchester Train Stations: If you plan to travel to Manchester by train, it is worth researching the locations of the stations.

9. Manchester Shopping Centres: From the Trafford Centre, to the Arndale – There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Manchester.

10. Manchester Cinemas: Why not visit a nearby cinema while you’re shopping in Manchester?

So, if you’re looking for a Manchester builder, florist or electrician, a 24 hours electrician could help you find the right companies.