This year the perfect combination of modernity and comfort is deep flat boots, although they are not an exception with those with a higher heel … Depending on the style you want, the choice of deep boots is enormous. Some exceed the knee height, while the usual models are up to their height. The colors vary from black to light brown. Choose a simple straight line model or a buckle.

They are most often worn with skinny jeans or helankeys, because socks are easy to pull without creating an additional volume. The classic jeans color best suits deep, as some call them “hunting” boots. For a trendy look, try deep boots with a skirt or dress! Each length is a great option and in theory it agrees with this type of footwear. A short skirt will make you look feminine, while the skirt or dress to the knee will highlight your attractiveness in the casual phase. Do not forget socks that can be black or colored.

For the upper part always have a variety of options in the plan. For a stylish look of a wide tunic on one shoulder with a narrow shirt below, it will fit perfectly with this model of footwear. If it is too hot outside, pair the long boot with a boot to get a sporty look. Of course, the blouses on the clip and the blazers are irrelevant – they never get out of fashion. Complete the look of the accessories. Add a belt to a wide sweater.

And you must have noticed – shoe shops are full boots of different lengths: up to half a sheet, to the knees, over the knees … which are, in fact, modern this season? Modern ones are the ones that are best suited to you, every stylist will tell you, but if you really want from each one (well, there may be two, three pairs, because of the excess head does not hurt), here are some tips they carry. If you are tall and slender, you do not have to think much: each model will suit you well, whether you wear it with a mini skirt, a dress up to your knees, teenage jeans or helanets. If you are not aware of how long your long legs are beautiful, then “shorten” them by the model to half the sheet. It’s clear to you that the same model is not for the lower ones, for which the ideal boots are up to their knees, but only those that are used. In boots over your knees you will visually “stretch” your legs, but do not worry if you are stronger in your hips.

Please do not wear boots over high knee knees during the day, unless you participate in a matinee masquerade, where you will be a cat of the same name movie! Short boots, which are now very popular, especially if they are without stitches and have threads, are excellent with jeans trousers, helanets and tight dresses and skirts. They are comfortable and effective, so they are an excellent solution for situations when you are right from work or college, you need to extend to night life. As a cat in boots you will look if you wear boots that fold over your knees with helankeys. They prefer to go with narrow trousers or shorts from the towel, plaÅ¡i, somota. Boots worn by Peter Pan can be worn with tight skirts or dresses, of any length. They better fit people with thin legs, and they are not for ladies with stronger leaves. To “keep the head of the head safe” we all know, but this is not the only function of this footwear.

Supermodern and somewhat inconvenient to combine, high boots are current and these winters. You would want to wear them, but you’re not sure how with any wardrobe. A fashion blogger reveals how to adapt this fashion trend to everyday situations. Choose some that are soft and comfortable, agree with women of all sorts, agree with almost every dress combination, and if you buy high quality, they will last for years. Flat boots should reach the end of the upper edge of the knee and are ideal for work every day. They can be worn with tight or “oversized” dresses, trousers, jeans, skirts and shorts. They go great with brighter clothes.

They are especially interesting when they discover a little skin. Fashion favorites for this season are those with a cube-shaped tunic, from overturned skin or plush. Knee-length boots fit perfectly into the current trend of oversized Texan jackets. The most interesting colors, besides black, are gray, beige, dark, bordeaux and olive green. For those boldies there are boots over knees to fingers, as well as those in interesting colors or with striking details. Wear them with black or simple dress combinations. Lighting and light-colored will bring freshness to your eating during the winter, but they are more sensitive and a little harder to combine.